Our second and last day in Osoyoos.

Woke up, after shower, just looked outside of the window and couldn’t resist taking photo of this beautiful and unique scenery.

It was definitely a good choice to stay here for a night, wasn’t it?


After checking out, we decided to visit some of the wineries before coming back to Vancouver.

What is going on in here? We had no idea what it was..after getting back to Vancouver we searched online and found out that it is called ‘Haynes barn’ , one of the historic building.

The first winery of our tour was Platinum Bench. It is not just a winery, but also an artisan bread bakery. It was hard to find the place because they were not listed on Google map by searching as “Osoyoos wineries”. If you want to visit the winery, it is better to type the name in the actual Google search box instead of using Google map app and get their actual address from the website.

Wally greeted us.

They have a nice and cozy sitting area in the balcony.

After taking some photos on the balcony, we tasted some wine.

Their Cabernet Sauvignon was phenomenal! We bought this!

And some bread as well!

This interesting oven was just beside the winery building. Do they bake bread on it?


And our next stop was “La stella”. We just searched the winery on Google and found some beautiful photos.

And yes it was!

We tasted some of their wine and they were absolutely fantastic-especially Lastellina rose wine. While tasting, she told us about their wine, what food would be a good match and so on. We bought a couple bottles of their wine.

They name their wines inspired by music.

It feels like visiting wineries somewhere in Europe.

And that’s the story. We just headed back to Vancouver.

Bye Bye Osoyoos!