There are various names originally from a local or aboriginal language…and Osoyoos, such a beautiful name from Okanagan language! It sounds like a music. Yes. We went to Osoyoos and had great time on last weekend. The town of wine, with a musical name!

and on our way to Osoyoos…What a beautiful scenery!

We stopped at the ‘Spotted Lake’. It is right beside the highway, so we didn’t need to waste our time to search for it. Convenient for quick looking.

Our first stop in Osoyoos was NK’MIP cellars which is owned by the aboriginal. It has a resort, winery, restaurant and even golf course.

They have a restaurant on the terrace with a fantastic view!

The next one was literally the ’boutique winery’, Moon Curser. What a fancy designed wine bottles!

We loved this tasting room with gorgeous chandeliers!

It’s not Italy. We are in Osoyoos!

We stayed at the Walnut Beach Resort located just by the lake. It has a outdoor pool, hot tub and private beach. Everything made us feel like we were in Cancun. We loved this resort, even regretted that we booked only for one night.

After having an awesome BBQ dinner, we took a walk around the beach. It was just…good to be here, Osoyoos.